Viele von uns haben den Slogan "Kader entscheiden alles!", Gehort, vor allem, wenn sie Ihnen versichern wollen, dass alles unter Kontrolle ist. Nicht weniger bekannter Ausdruck "menschlicher Faktor", versucht dieser Ausdruck den Verlust genau dieser "Kontrolle" zu erklaren.

So wie man sein kann, wenn man einen qualifizierten Fachmann braucht, aber keine "Katze im Sack" kaufen mochte?

Wir haben eine einzigartige Technologie entwickelt, mit der Sie Ihren echten Diamanten von Ihrer Belegschaft aus zuweisen konnen, was Ihnen zusatzliche Vorteile und Vorteile gegenuber Ihren Mitbewerbern bringt.

Rufen Sie uns an, wir finden ein "Nugget".

Kurzanleitung zum Bestehen des Tests

This is a technique of determining personality traits. You should determine your attitude to the following statements and questions relating to various aspects of your life. If you agree with the statement click "Yes", if you do not agree, "No".

When answering questions, please adhere to the three following rules:

  1. Do not spend much time thinking about the answers. Give the answer that comes first to your mind. However, the questions will sometimes be formulated in less detail than you would prefer. In this case, when answering try to present an average, most common, situation for you which corresponds to the meaning of the question, and, on this basis, choose the answer. An answer should be as accurate as possible but do not thing too slowly, about 3-4 questions per minute is a good pace.
  2. Be sure to answer all questions in sequence without missing any one. Probably, some questions may seem to you not very suitable but still try to find the most accurate answer.
  3. Some questions may seem to you too personal but you can be assured that the answers will not be disclosed but will be used for scientific purposes only.

Please answer all questions sincerely and honestly. Do not try to make a good impression with your answers, they must correspond to reality. We hope that you will answer expressing only your opinion, not focusing on someone else. In this case you will considerably help us in the job of your employment.

Thank you!

If everything is clear please proceed to the task.

- We wish you success! -